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Retail Plans

Welfare Basic

NGN 24000


Welfare Basic Benefit Plan Is Covered
General Medical Services
Outpatient Care Yes
General consultation & treatment to include prescribed drugs & infusions, case review, nursing care etc. Yes
Hospital Admissions (2 days only) Yes
Hospital Ward Accommodation Standard
Routine Diagnostic Test to include routine basic laboratory tests. Malaria, Typhoid, FBC. Yes
Preventive care & counseling Yes
Emergency Care (24 hours)
Accidents & Emergency – Stabilization for 24 hours only Yes
Childhood Immunizations
Routine Immunizations (NPI) at designated centers Yes
Dental Care
Dental consultation, medical treatment, drugs & dressings (at designated centers) Yes
Simple Dental Procedures - simple extraction, amalgam filling Yes
Limit of #2,000
Eye Care
Optical/Ophthalmological consultation, Investigations, medical treatment, drugs & dressings (at designated centers) Yes
Limit of #2,000
Overall Financial Limit #100,000